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Eco Stories

UniSA researcher joins new national program to protect the Antarctic

| April 21, 2020 | Reply

UniSA and South Australian Museum invertebrates expert, Associate Professor Mark Stevens, will join a team of leading Antarctic researchers as part of a new $36-million program to track and respond to environmental change in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF) program was announced today by Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan, […]

Southern Cross University researcher unlocks dolphins’ risky feeding habits

| April 21, 2020 | Reply

Australian researchers have for the first time documented the unique risky feeding behaviour known as ‘strand feeding’ in Australian dolphins. Southern Cross University researcher Dr Daniele Cagnazzi used drones to film a pod of humpback dolphins in the Fitzroy River – one of Queensland’s largest catchments – to document young and adult dolphins ‘stranding’ or […]


| April 20, 2020 | Reply

People-powered science will play a role in Australia’s bushfire recovery, with more than 20 projects underway involving citizen scientists of all ages. CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, is working with key agencies and community groups to support research underway throughout bushfire impacted areas. The Citizen Science Bushfire Project Finder website allows members of the public […]

Scientists trial world-first ‘cloud brightening’ technique to protect corals

| April 18, 2020 | Reply

SIMS and Southern Cross University successfully trialled world-first ‘cloud brightening’ technology on Great Barrier Reef The ambitious concept is to shade and cool large areas of reef at risk of bleaching by spraying microscopic saltwater droplets into clouds to make them more reflective of sunlight This trial was conducted at one-tenth the size, working towards […]

Balancing community safety with our innate need for nature

| April 16, 2020 | Reply

As cities around Australia continue to enact high levels of restrictions for community movement during the COVID-19 pandemic, experts from urban greening initiative Greener Spaces Better Places have come together to impress the importance of following government guidelines of physical distancing to safely use green and open spaces – critical for mental health and wellbeing […]

Eco Awards & Events

News at Banksia: April 2020

| April 16, 2020 | Reply

Banksia Happy Hour Every Thursday at 5pm we supply you with the positive vibes to keep you upbeat during this crazy and unpredictable time. We want to lift Australian spirits by doing what we do best – providing you with an inspirational and positive platform that showcases the success of Australian change makers. Get in […]

Victorians coming together to celebrate nature with 2020 Tree of the Year campaign

| April 14, 2020 | Reply

The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is excited to announce voting is officially open for the 2020 Victorian Tree of the Year, with nine significant trees shortlisted for the coveted title. The Victorian Tree of the Year contest aims to raise awareness of the conservation of the state’s natural heritage, and the benefits trees provide […]

The 2020 Banksia Indigenous Award

| April 9, 2020 | Reply

The 2020 Banksia Indigenous Award is sponsored by SUEZ We are delighted to support the Banksia Sustainability Awards and extend our warmest congratulations to last year’s finalists and winner of the Indigenous category, “Littlewell” Mingenew Aboriginal Reserve. As a global environmental services provider, SUEZ plays a key role in restoring and preserving our planet’s precious […]


| March 26, 2020 | Reply

Australian artists Jack River, Polish Club, Bobby Alu, Ella Arber, Dulcie and Alice Skye are among the first names to be announced on the line-up for #EarthHourLive this Saturday, 28 March. They will join host journalist and broadcaster Patrick Abboud at 8.30pm AEDT to kick off the livestream party for the planet, with live crosses […]

The Illyarrie wins Eucalypt of the Year 2020!

| March 23, 2020 | Reply

Drum roll please…?Eucalypt Australia?is thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2020 Eucalypt of the Year competition is the spectacular Illyarrie,?Eucalyptus erythrocorys, also known as the Red-capped Gum. It’s one of the most distinctive of all the eucalypts, with its dark red bud caps, bright yellow flowers arranged in four tufts, and heavy, woody […]

Climate Change

$1.8 million in scholarships awarded to 15 bright young Australians investigating solutions to global challenges

| March 5, 2020 | Reply

Next generation solar technology, futureproofing farmers’ crops from climate change, and better understanding the genetics behind Autism Spectrum Disorder are just three of 15 research projects a group of outstanding postgraduate students will be undertaking with the support of Westpac Scholars Trust.? Today the Trust announced its 2020 Westpac Future Leaders Scholars, recognising 15 ambitious […]


| March 4, 2020 | Reply

A recent study published in the journal Nature has explored the physics behind the warming ocean currents around the Antarctic coast, finding floating ice walls offer some protection to the ice sheet by limiting the amount of ocean heat that reaches the ice. The research was led by the University of Gothenburg and used data […]

Ancient Antarctic ice melt increased sea levels by 3+ metres – and it could happen again

| February 12, 2020 | Reply

Rising ocean temperatures drove the melting of Antarctic ice sheets and caused extreme sea level rise more than 100,000 years ago, a new international study led by UNSW Sydney shows – and the scientists say we’re headed in that direction again. Mass melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet was a major cause of high […]

Climate Change: It’s All in the Numbers

| January 23, 2020 | Reply

The debate may rage on but the scientific basis of Climate Change is clear and the numbers are in to prove it, according to international climate change and climate variability expert and Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Summer School Public Lecturer, Professor David Karoly. 100 years of human influence on Australian average temperature variations. Bureau […]

Vital conservation projects kick off

| January 19, 2020 | Reply

Focus on saving plants, animals as climate changes Australia’s environment is battling hotter, dryer and more extreme conditions – including bushfires – and scientists are being called in to help restore degraded landscapes and animal populations to prepare them for further climate change in the future. New Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project grants, announced […]

Clean Energy


| February 2, 2020 | Reply

?The level of new investment commitments in large-scale renewable energy projects has collapsed by more than 50 per cent according to new analysis by the Clean Energy Council which reveals a fall from 51 projects worth $10.7 billion in 2018 down to 28 projects worth $4.5 billion in 2019.? While the strong flow of projects […]

Clear air: Monash research to reduce carbon footprint of asthma inhalers

| January 13, 2020 | Reply

Researchers are conducting a series of experiments using X-ray scattering and computer modelling in order to find a low-global warming replacement propellant for asthma inhalers. By the end of 2029, the propellant HFC-134a will be banned for use in pressurised metered-dose inhalers. There is currently no solution for the world’s 339 million asthma sufferers. As […]

Solar secrets revealed ahead of summer season

| November 26, 2019 | Reply

Thousands of Australians are unaware of the government rebate available to homeowners and businesses looking to turn to renewable energy and reduce their power bill. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is open to all Australians and creates a financial incentive for individuals and small businesses to install eligible small-scale renewable energy systems. Eligible systems include […]

Cool solution for renewable refrigeration

| November 23, 2019 | Reply

An innovative new cooling technology developed in South Australia will be trialled at food, agriculture and tourism businesses to help reduce their energy costs and emissions from heating and cooling.? ? On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has today announced $2 million in funding to Glaciem Cooling Technologies Pty […]

World’s largest scale battery set to get even bigger

| November 19, 2019 | Reply

After a successful two years of playing a critical role in maintaining grid security, the world’s largest battery is set to receive a significant upgrade to further benefit the grid in South Australia. ? On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has today announced $8 million in funding to Neoen […]


Windows will soon generate electricity, following solar cell breakthrough

| April 21, 2020 | Reply

Two square metres of solar window will do the same job as a standard rooftop solar panel, Australian researchers say. Semi-transparent solar cells that can be incorporated into window glass are a “game-changer” that could transform architecture, urban planning and electricity generation, Australian scientists say in?a paper in?Nano Energy. The researchers – led by Professor […]

Vestiaire Collective Launches ‘Wardrobe Reality Check’ Challenge to Mark Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

| April 15, 2020 | Reply

Vestiaire Collective, the leading global community platform for desirable pre-owned fashion, launches the ‘Wardrobe Reality Check,’ an initiative challenging fashion lovers around the world to consider the environmental impact of their wardrobe choices. Today’s uncertainty has prompted many of us to re-evaluate the way we live in the short and the long term. Developed to […]

Five ways to engage the private sector in the SDGs

| April 9, 2020 | Reply

With the clock ticking on the deadline to complete the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), governments need to up the pace of progress – and do more to harness participation from both the public and private sectors. GRI has set out recommendations to help policymakers work with companies to capture their contributions as part of national […]

New dion seminara architecture project in elite company of Australia’s most sustainable homes

| April 9, 2020 | Reply

Dion and his team at dion seminara architecture are pleased to announce that their recent project located in Sherwood, Queensland has achieved a Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) rating of 8.7. A 6-star rating is the typical standard for all new homes, however, with the right planning and execution, Dion’s team has successfully surpassed […]

Australian urban farming company sees accelerated demand for home-based food gardens

| March 30, 2020 | Reply

With Australians spending more time at home, many households are looking at growing their own fresh produce to build self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Biofilta, a Melbourne based urban farming company, has developed a highly productive, water efficient, modular wicking bed called Foodcube, which enables people to build instant productive urban farms in backyards, carparks, workplaces, rooftops […]


Earth Day calls to save amphibians on the brink

| April 18, 2020 | Reply

Study finds shortfalls in amphibian conservation With climate action a theme of Earth Day 2020 (22 April 2020), a new research paper highlights the plight of some of the most vulnerable creatures. More than birds and most mammals, amphibians (frogs, salamander, worm-like caecilians, anurans, etc) are on the front line of extinction in a hotter, […]

Flinders University Media Release – Bees point to new evolutionary answers

| April 15, 2020 | Reply

Evolutionary biology aims to explain how new species arise and evolve to occupy myriad niches – but it is not a singular or simplistic story. Rare bees found in high mountain areas of Fiji provide evidence that they have evolved into many species, despite the fact they can’t readily adapt to different habitats. These bees […]

Destruction of koala habitat increased after “vulnerable” listing

| April 14, 2020 | Reply

Before and after satellite pictures of cleared koala habitat https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xXCyhULWcp8rfaIfmpC4tQzkg1SKxNNP A new report by the World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia shows the destruction of koala habitat actually increased after the iconic marsupial was listed as “vulnerable” in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT. The analysis looked at clearing rates in known or likely koala […]

Great Barrier Reef water pollution threatens dolphins

| January 28, 2020 | Reply

Rare snubfin dolphins in Queensland’s Fitzroy River and humpback dolphins in Port Curtis are under threat from exposure to increasing amounts of water contamination, according to Southern Cross and Flinders University marine researchers. A study published in Ecological Indicators sampled pollutants in the blubber and skin of humpback and snubfin dolphins in the Fitzroy River […]

WWF: hope for wildlife as koalas found surviving in burnt out forest

| January 19, 2020 | Reply

In a story of hope, special detection dogs have found seven koalas alive amid burnt out forest at Maryvale on Queensland’s Southern Downs, and evidence of even more survivors. The search, which is ongoing, is being funded thanks to generous donations to the World Wide Fund for Nature from locals and people around the world […]

More Eco Stories

Eco-friendly combs made from sustainable & repurposed Australian timber

| April 18, 2020 | Reply

The foxloch Story I like to brush my hair, I like wood, I don’t like the cheap and nasty throw-away plastic combs that are available. So I decided to have a go at crafting my own wooden comb. It took ages experimenting with different tree species and construction methods until I finally got a wooden […]

Award-Winning Fashion Agency Brings Cactus Leather to Australia Ahead of Earth Day

| April 18, 2020 | Reply

Slyletica offers wide range of eco fabrics including the new vegan leather ‘Desserto’ to entrepreneurs & influencers looking to start an athleisure brand; interest has surged due to Covid-19 and casual ‘work from home’ attire. Melbourne, Australia: Slyletica, a leading fashion agency and pioneer in the manufacturing space, is excited to announce they are introducing […]

Additions to resource industry underwater robots can boost ocean discoveries

| April 16, 2020 | Reply

Remotely operated vehicles used by the oil and gas sector can be enhanced to gather more scientific data, researchers say. Underwater robots are regularly used by the oil and gas industry to inspect and maintain offshore structures. The same machines could be adapted to gather extra scientific information, thus boosting environmental and resource management capabilities, […]


| April 16, 2020 | Reply

Australian researchers have achieved the first step in developing an early warning surveillance system to track COVID-19 prevalence in the community through tracing the presence of the novel coronavirus gene in raw sewage. Researchers from The University of Queensland (UQ) and Australia’s national science agency CSIRO have successfully demonstrated the presence of SARS-CoV2, the virus […]

Australian Government urged to call on IMF and G20 to cancel foreign debt in 2020

| April 15, 2020 | Reply

New?research outlines urgent measures to secure $1 trillion for COVID-19 crisis ActionAid Australia is calling on the Australian Government to push for the cancellation of all external debt repayments due in 2020 for low-income countries, as G20 Finance Ministers grapple with the biggest economic crisis in generations ahead of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and […]

Ultralight, flexible solar cell keeps tech in shape

| April 15, 2020 | Reply

An ultralight flexible solar cell, 10 times thinner than the width of a human hair, could hold the key to promising power sources for future wearable technology. An international research team has created a flexible solar cell that could revolutionise future wearable technology. Ten times thinner than a human hair, and roughly the size of […]

Top 6 Types Of Noise Monitoring Devices Available In The Market!

| April 14, 2020 | Reply

With time the entire world is getting aware of environment like carbon footprints, CO2 emission, recycling of waste has forced the world to concentrate on the environmental noise. Increasing demands of modern society give rise to sources of noise like more road traffic, large airports, industries, and other power stations. Apart from this, the development […]

Black rhinos eavesdrop on alarm calls of hitchhiking oxpeckers to avoid humans

| April 10, 2020 | Reply

In Swahili, red-billed oxpecker birds are called Askari wa kifaru, or “the rhino’s guard.”? Now a Victoria University study suggests this Indigenous name rings true: oxpeckers act as a sentinel-like first line of defense for critically-endangered black rhinos by calling out when they detect advancing poachers.? By tracking black rhinos in South Africa, behavioral ecologist […]

How can Australia’s road freight industry become more sustainable?

| April 9, 2020 | Reply

Driving a sustainable trucking industry By Geoffroy Henry, CEO and Co-Founder,?Loadsmile? The age-old adage ‘without trucks, Australia stops’, couldn’t be truer—in a country so vastly spread out, road transport is essential to flexibly deliver goods across the nation. Road freight is a $47 billion industry in Australia1, and it accounts for 70% of the global […]

Next gen solar cells perform better when there’s a camera around

| April 9, 2020 | Reply

Researchers find a simple way to detect tiny imperfections that affect performance. A literal?“trick of the light” can detect imperfections in next-gen solar cells, boosting their efficiency to match that of existing silicon-based versions, researchers have found. The discovery opens a pathway to improved quality control for commercial production. On small scales, perovskite solar cells […]